The Art of Discpline

I was watching a documentary on the Legend Master Bruce Lee on  Netflix last night. And I remembered  when I was a small child my parents would take my brother and I to the drive-in to see all his movies; only if we were on our best behavior; as my mother would say.

As the movie continued to play and as I listened. I notice that all Bruce  ever talked about was how he would always find himself  training  and obeying his Master; what ever his Master would tell him do; he did. I then thought that when I was a young child that my mother would instruct my brother and I that if we don’t behave we would be in a lot of trouble and as for me I never wanted to be in any trouble. Yet, I always seem to be in it. I soon got it one day.

A new Bruce Lee movie came out called the “Fist of Fury” and I couldn’t wait to see it. Well, earlier that part of the week my mother asked me to clean up my room and I didn’t. She never said anything after she saw that I didn’t clean my. So acted like I didn’t hear her. Soon after my father asked me to clean up my room I replied “ok Daddy.”

But, to no avail I did not clean my room. With the weekend approaching and as usual I went to school telling all my friends I was going to see the new Bruce Lee movie and I rubbed it in; most likely knowing me. I couldn’t wait to get home from school that day and go to the movies; it was the “best movie ever”  that Mr. Bruce Lee  made; I thought. My imagination was running wild; all the new moves that I know Mr. Lee would show me this weekend I was going to use on my little brother whenever my mom and dad wouldn’t be looking. Yes!!!  I thought what a great way to spend the weekend with my favorite actor in the whole wide world.

Getting off the school bus I chanted “well folks, I hope to see you all tonight at the Drive-In.” When I got home I yelled “Mommy I know what I am wearing to the movies tonight”! My mother said “that’s nice Temi”; your grandmother is coming over tonight. I thought why would she come over its movie night. I said; is she going to the movies with us mommy? Mother replied and said no she is not ; she is coming over the babysit you. My mind began to race  why would she come babysit me on movie night and before I could ask my mother why she say that she the conveyed to me; “you’re not going to the movies tonight; you didn’t clean up your room”. I learn the hard way that day about discipline.  My hero Master Bruce Lee will be performing and I wont be able to see him I learned later to be more like Master Lee; obey my master; which are my parents.


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